Alligator Takes Leisurely Stroll Past Florida Motel Rooms


Gator load of this!

A scaly visitor showed up to a Florida motel and cops say he wasn't a paying customer.

The Highlands County Sheriff's Office posted a video to Facebook of the juvenile alligator strolling past room doors Sunday at the Quality Inn in Sebring.

The cops don't have a clue where the gator came from. But they do have jokes.

"Not sure if this little guy got locked out of his room at the Quality Inn in Sebring today or what," they office wrote on Facebook. "Maybe he was looking for the tiki bar to get a margatorita."

The office explained that a licensed trapper cornered the gator. And the jokes continued.

"He didn't look like he was old enough to drink," the post read, "and didn't appear to have any ID in his alligator skin wallet."