Cops Wrangle Feisty Alligator Out From Beneath Car in Grocery Store Parking Lot

The unruly reptile had onlookers agog.

An unruly reptile left shoppers shocked in a Florida grocery store parking lot last week.

Police officers in Sarasota were called to the scene when a 4-foot alligator was discovered hanging out beneath a car that was parked outside a Winn-Dixie on Thursday.

Video from the scene shows officials trying to wrangle the gator while the car's owners remained inside and as stunned witnesses looked on. The officers, however, appear unfazed as onlookers can't help but snap a few photos.

While small compared to many specimens, the alligator makes up for its size by putting up a big fight.

After its mouth is taped shut, the gator is placed in the back of a sheriff's vehicle. 

Instead of booking the beast, officials safely released it, far away from the grocery store.