As America Is Gripped by Historic Chill, It's Warm in Alaska

Anchorage just had it's fifth-warmest December ever.

It may be snowing in Florida, but that's simply not the case in Alaska, where temperatures this week are much warmer than usual.

The official temperature tied a record 44 degrees in Anchorage Tuesday, which hasn’t been reported since 2011, and before that, since 1981. Some parts of Anchorage reached close to 50 degrees, reports said.

“I guess for January it's pretty unusual. Usually it can be like -30 around this time of the year,” said Ashley Durst, an Anchorage resident.

The unusually warm weather is due to high and low pressure systems that are pushing tropical air northward, according to the National Weather Service.

Overall, Anchorage had its fifth-warmest December ever.

However, temperatures are expected to drop Tuesday night.