Brave Dad and Daughter Make Snow Angels in Their Bathing Suits

The snow is making for some hilarious videos.

A father-daughter duo left a steaming hot tub in their Colorado backyard to make snow angels in their bathing suits.

They were in the hot tub in their Silverthorne, Colo., backyard on Christmas as the snow came down around them.

A video shows they decided to make the most of it by hopping out and making snow angels in nearly two-feet of snow.

But it was too cold for them and they soon jumped back in the hot water.

Another video shows a man hitched onto an Amish buggy skiing down a road as record snow hit Michigan.

In Erie, Pa., a husky named Nika was a little too short to maneuver through the deep snow and looked like she had a hard time getting around.

Erie broke the state’s all-time daily snowfall record after receiving 34 inches of snow on Christmas Day.