Snow Way! Toddler Learns to Snowboard Ahead of Her First Birthday

The 1-year-old's parents Nick and Whitney Rowley said they love outdoor sports.

This Idaho tot isn’t even a year old, but she's already shredding the gnar.

Cash Rowley and her parents Nick and Whitney Rowley of Boise hit the slopes Saturday – two days before her first birthday.

“The faster she went, the more fun she was having,” her dad told

Whitney explained that they helped Cash learn by starting out slow.

“We started by pulling her just a little bit on the snow, and you can tell she was kind of like, ‘Okay, this is pretty awesome,’” she said. “But as soon as we started going a little faster, she started making noises, and it looked like she was having a really good time.”

Nick added that ever since Cash was born, their goal was to have her on a snowboard by her first birthday.

“We wanted to get her snowboarding and comfortable with the slopes because we’d love at some point to be able to go up as a family and not just have to mess around on the bunny hills but actually get to go on some more fun runs,” he said.

Both Nick and Whitney explained they have been on the slopes from an early age and hope to have Cash ease into their outdoorsy lifestyle.

At just 5 months old, Cash took her first trip to New Zealand and Bali, and they plan to have her try surfing in Costa Rica when they visit in February.

“She loves the water,” Whitney said. “We’re starting ‘Mommy and Me’ classes in January.”