Whiteout Condition Spawns Terrifying 40-Car Pileup as Snow Blankets Michigan

The crashes kept coming as Sue and Jim Perreault recorded the constant crashing of cars.

Sue and Jim Perreault captured a 40-car pile-up on a cell phone after finding themselves trapped in their pickup truck in Michigan over the weekend.

“All I could see was the cars coming in, just crashing one after another,” she told Inside Edition Sue Perreault of the bizarre incident on U.S. near Muskegon. "It was totally insane." 

They recorded everything during the Dec. 29 incident, including their own pickup truck getting rammed — three times.

Jim says being stuck in the middle of the whiteout conditions was nothing short of nerve-wracking.

“You're waiting for the big semi or the dump truck full of stones to come in and run right over the top of you,” he said.

“I was watching the cars coming from our rearview mirror behind us, so I was able to say, 'Hang on, here comes another one,'" Sue added.  

In video of the incident, Jim did his best to warn other drivers, and trying to caution them against getting out of their cars.

Staying in the vehicle is the safest thing to do because it's the only protection you have,” he said. 

There were no reports of serious injuries, although three people in an SUV were transported to a hospital for minor injuries.