American Travel Blogger in Coma After Scooter Accident Trapped in Bali as Family Fundraises to Bring Her Home

Kaitlyn McCaffrey is suffering from serious injuries after a motor scooter accident in Bali, and her family is searching for ways to be with her.

An American travel blogger is in a coma after a motor scooter accident in Bali. 

Kaitlyn McCaffrey graduated from Cal State Fullerton five years ago and left to travel the world

Her family says she has since visited 52 countries, and was recently living in Bali, Indonesia, according to her Instagram account.

McCaffrey was found by two young men on the side of “a remote road, alone, unconscious, broken and bleeding," her family wrote on a GoFundMe page they've created to bring her home. 

The travel blogger is now in a coma with a traumatic brain injury and other physical injuries, but her family is not allowed to be by her side due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. 

The family estimates it would cost about $250,000 to bring Kaitlyn home, and they are currently trying to raise money through a GoFundMe fundraiser, organized by a friend Dena Gustus Cruz.

“...Kaitlyn desperately needs a medical evacuation to a top trauma hospital in Northern CA where she can receive the level of care necessary. Kaitlyn’s mom and sister live there and can be there with her during this critical time.” said Bob Stolbarker, Cruz's husband. 

As of Monday, more than $230,000 has been raised through the page. 

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