'America's Got Talent': Magician Shin Lim Takes 'AGT' Crown in Stunning Upset

Lim beat out fan favorites like singer Courtney Hadwin.

Shin Lim, the magician "America's Got Talent" host Tyra Banks referred to as "very sexy," has won the competition.

Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell have both called him the best magician in the show's history.

He walks away with a cool $1 million and will headline his own show at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in November. 

Lim's win was considered quite an upset as 14-year-old British rocker Courtney Hadwin had been the early favorite to win with her Janis Joplin-like voice.

Hadwin wound up in sixth place. 

In the end, it was Lim's mind-blowing card tricks that made him the winner.