'America's Got Talent': Human Fountains Might Be the Show's Most Disgusting Act Ever

The group have been spitting into each other's mouths for years.

Are a group of guys "the most disgusting" act ever on "America's Got Talent?"

They grossed out everyone spitting water, ketchup, mustard and raw eggs on Wednesday night’s show

Judge Mel B. actually started gagging during their performance, while judge Simon Cowell couldn't believe what he was seeing.

“It’s the most stupid act we have ever had on the finals of 'AGT,'” he said. 

During their performances, host Tyra Banks looked like she was in shock. 

The group was elimated from the show Wednesday but were fan favorites leading up to the night. 

The five guys are known as the Human Fountains and Inside Edition caught up with them on Thursday. 

They're lifelong friends from Denver who won first place in a high school talent show and have been doing their synchronized spitting act for years. 

They told Inside Edition that they make sure they keep in good health by having a lot of vitamin C, zinc and elderberry.