Amy Schneider Continues 'Jeopardy!' Winning Streak, Breaking Records

Amy Schneider smiling beside letters that reads of her 4th place wins
Facebook - Jeopardy!

Amy Schneider, who is in fourth place for consecutive wins, has surpassed her opponents and make history as the first female contestant to win 21 games in a row.

“Jeopardy!" Contestant Amy Schneider continues to set records for women players of the show. 

As of Tuesday, Schneider became the highest ranked female contestant for having 21 straight consecutive victories to date. 

According to the Associated Press, she also recently broke the record for highest female earner of all time. 

Schneider is 11 games away from surpassing player James Houlzhauer as the third-ranked contestant overall in consecutive wins.

She is also the first transgender player to make it to the Tournament of Champions on "Jeopardy!"

Schneider has won $806,000 and hopes to continue with her upcoming game on the show.

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