Anderson Cooper Says He's Lonely After Death of Mom Gloria Vanderbilt

The anchor said she was the last of his immediately family, after both his brother and father also died.

Anderson Cooper returned to the air for the first time since the death of his famous mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, earlier this week. 

“It's still a little hard for me to believe she's gone,” he said Thursday. “I'm happy that we left nothing unsaid between us. She knew me and I knew her. There's great comfort in that.” 

The legendary 95-year-old heiress died Monday after being diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer. Cooper fought back tears as he shared sweet family photos and opened up about his loneliness following her death.

“My dad died when I was 10, and my brother when I was 21. She was the last of my immediate family, the last person who knew me from the beginning. They're all gone and it feels very lonely right now. I hope they are at least together,” he said.

Cooper's brother, Carter, died by suicide in 1988.

The CNN host revealed that in his mother's last days, she would have him play videos of singer Peggy Lee. 

“I'd hold my mom's hand while we were singing and move it back and forth as though we were dancing, having a ball. Every time it'd end, my mom would say, ‘Isn't that marvelous?’ And it was. With her, my mom, it was marvelous,” he said.