New Book Reveals Secrets of the Kennedy Family

Author J. Randy Taraborrelli wrote "The Kennedy Heirs" about past and present members of the dynasty.

Were John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette, having problems in their marriage a year before their tragic plane crash in July 1999?

According to the new book, “The Kennedy Heirs,” by J. Randy Taraborrelli, Bessette turned to an old friend for support when things got rough between her and Kennedy Jr. 

"Carolyn had what John, her husband, called an emotional affair,” the author told Inside Edition. “She began to confide in someone she had worked for at Calvin Klein." 

A late-night conversation between Bessette and her unidentified friend ended in a brief kiss, Taraborrelli said, an alleged indiscretion that she immediately confessed to her husband. 

"Infidelity was not something Carolyn Bessette wanted, she sat down and confessed, and John became very upset,” the author said.

Fireworks then ensued between Kennedy Jr. and the man. 

"In the middle of the night, he went to this guy's house, he punched him right in the face and said, ‘Stay away from my wife,’” Taraborrelli said.

But Bessette’s confession became a turning point in their marriage, and by the time of their deaths, contrary to popular belief, they were in a much happier place.

Taraborrelli said the couple was “actually they were in process of putting their marriage back together; they were in couple's counseling.”

The book also focuses on the next generation of Kennedys, including Caroline Kennedy’s kids.

"Jack Schlossberg, he reminds people of JFK Jr., he's very articulate, he's very smart," Taraborrelli said. 

He also added that Joseph Kennedy, who is a U.S. representative for Massachusetts' 4th congressional district, is “really smart” and “really invested.”

Taraborrelli added: "He has a lot of JFK and Bobby because he's a politician for the people."

Click here to read an excerpt from "The Kennedy Heirs."

Additional reporting by Matt Sutherland.