Robert Kennedy Assassination: Did Shooter Sirhan Sirhan Act Alone?

Bobby Kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel.

As America marks the 50th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination at his graveside in Arlington National Cemetery Wednesday, a new conspiracy theory involving a second shooter has emerged. 

Kennedy’s son, Robert Jr., and daughter, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, wish to reopen the investigation of their father’s murder, which took place in the kitchen of Los Angeles' Ambassador Hotel in 1968. 

Robert Jr. told The Washington Post that “the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father."

“I think it’s worthwhile,” Kathleen added. 

But in a 1989 interview with Inside Edition, the convicted assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, took full responsibility for RFK's death.

“I am totally sorry,” Sirhan said at the time. “I can't feel nothing but remorse for having caused that tragic death of Robert Kennedy and if I could bring him back to life, talk to him and have him carry out what he had promised to do for the weak and disadvantaged, I would treasure the opportunity.”

The new theory of a second gunman has erupted due to the number of shots fired during the assassination

Sirhan’s gun was fired eight times, but there could be evidence to prove there were more than just eight shots. 

Actress Nina Rhodes-Hughes, who was standing close to RFK when he was shot, claims there was more gunfire. 

“Between 12 and 14 [shots], because it went this way... it was pop pop pop and then popopopopopop," she told Inside Edition. 

According to a Netflix documentary, "Bobby Kennedy for President," evidence supporting Rhodes-Hughes' claim was destroyed by the Los Angeles Police Department. 

However, in the 1989 interview, Sirhan denied the involvement of a second gunman. 

"I was never part of any conspiracy," he said. "For me to enter into a plot with another person to kill a third is totally out of the question."

Sirhan is now 74 years old. At his 2016 parole hearing, he claimed he had no memory of the assassination. 

Other family members, including Joseph, Rory and Kerry Kennedy, disagree with Robert Jr. and Kathleen — and don’t believe the case should be reopened.