Anderson Cooper Slams MyPillow CEO's COVID-19 'Cure' Claim: 'You Have No Medical Background'

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The CEO of MyPillow is coming under fire for claiming that he has found a "miracle cure" for COVID-19 despite that it hasn't been tested or approved by the FDA. Mike Lindell has no medical background, but that hasn't stopped from recommending a plant extract called oleandrin as treatment.

"This thing works — it's the miracle of all time!" Lindell recently said in an interview with Anderson Cooper.

But Cooper wasn't buying it.

"You are telling people that this cures COVID. You have no studies to prove it," Anderson said.

"How are you different than a snake oil salesman? You have no medical background," Anderson continued.

But that hasn't stopped Lindell from taking his so-called cure to his buddy President Trump.

"Is it something people are talking about very strongly?" Trump said in an interview. "We'll look at it."

Inside Edition spoke to experts who said to steer clear of oleandrin.

"We see no benefits from this drug, only potential hazards," said Dr. William Schaffner. "Toxic effects, so we urge no one to follow this advice."

Lindell stuck to his endorsement of the product.

"It's safe, so why not try it? That's all we're saying," Lindell told Inside Edition.

"You're all going to be embarrassed when the FDA has the trial with humans. It hasn't been published yet. This is stuff that I know that you don't know."


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