Nurse Who Traveled From State-to-State Treating COVID-19 Patients Is Diagnosed With Coronavirus

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An ICU nurse who traveled to multiple states treating coronavirus patients has now tested positive for the virus. "You feel almost like a soldier, like you're just going where you're needed, into a war zone," said Trinity Goodman.

Back in May, she worked in New York City when it was the epicenter of the epidemic. Then she moved onto Texas where personal protective equipment was so scarce she had to improvise by covering her shoes with plastic bags.

"In Texas, I didn't have one single patient live—one patient, not a single one of them survived," Goodman said. 

Through it all, she somehow managed to stay COVID-19 free, but just before her interview with Inside Edition, the selfless 26-year-old found out she tested positive.

"I'm pretty scared," she said. "I've seen, like I said, 30-year-olds not make it, 20-year-olds not make it. Now I'm also diagnosed with COVID."

So far, Goodman says the symptoms are mild. She is quarantining at home in Indiana with her boyfriend, a doctor, who has also tested positive.


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