Angela Tramonte’s Mom Calls Accidental Death Ruling a ‘Cover-Up’ After 31-Year-Old Hiker Dies on 1st Date

Nancy Tramonte said her daughter and Phoenix police officer Dario DIzdar, who she met on Instagram just months before, shared a concerning exchange in which Angela responded, “Stop, I’m so scared lmao. You could be a killer lol.”

The death of 31-year-old Angela Tramonte has been ruled an accident with the medical examiner listing her cause of death as “environmental heat exposure,” but her anguished mother is still asking questions about how her daughter died while on a first date.

“There’s something missing in this,” Nancy Tramonte told Inside Edition.

Her daughter Angela had flown from her native Boston to Phoenix to meet Dario Dizdar, a handsome police officer she met on Instagram. “She didn’t mind meeting him because he was a police officer and she felt safe,” her mom said.

Dizdar and Angela had gone hiking on Camelback Mountain less than 24 hours after she arrived to the state.

But Angela didn’t make it home. She had decided to turn back on the trail and return to the bottom of the mountain, leaving Dizdar to continue the hike alone.

She was later found dead near the trail.

Now, Dizdar has been cleared of any wrongdoing after Angela’s death was ruled accidental, but her mom isn’t buying the story.

“I feel like it’s a cover-up because he’s a police officer,” she said. “I don’t believe it.”

Nancy has serious questions about what happened on that hike. “What man allows a woman to walk down a trail in 104-degree temperature?” she wondered.

Dizdar said they hiked without water, something Angela, a fitness enthusiast, would have never done, Nancy said. “For her to climb this trail without water does not make sense at all,” she said.

Angela’s mom also said the pair allegedly shared a concerning online exchange before they even met. Dizdar allegedly sent her a meme that read, “Every girl wants to be swept off her feet. It’s when you put her in the trunk she starts to freak out.”

Angela replied: “Stop, I’m so scared lmao. You could be a killer lol. Promise me you are normal.”

“I think there was an argument between them,” Nancy said. “I think there’s something suspicious about everything that’s happened.

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