Angler Catches 16-Foot Great White Shark That Weighed 3,000 Pounds

"It was just too much."

It may sound like a tall tale, but anglers off the South Carolina coast have video proof that they hooked a 3,000-pound great white shark.

The folks at Outcast Charters were near Hilton Head last week when the boat's owner told the group first spotted a 10-foot great white.

"We ended up losing it," Chip Michalove said. "Within five minutes... we had a 16-footer who took the bait. It was crazy."

And this one was massive.  

"It was amazing!" Michalove said. "If we hook one shark and we lose it, the day is over. But this was a first to me. This was the largest I've ever seen this year."

The catch was too big, in fact.

Michalove said everyone realized the behemoth was just "too much" as it neared the boat. He said they tagged the shark before sending it on its merry way.

For his part, Michalove said he was still feeling the exhilaration — and muscle pain — from the catch days later.

"My back and hamstrings needed to heal up…," he said. "I needed a few days of rest."