Drone Footage Captures Harrowing Moment a School of Sharks Surround Little Boy


The boy rushed out of the water when the drone operator, Artem Tkachenko yelled at him to run.

A man on a Bahamas beach launched a drone to capture images of the breathtaking turquoise water, but caught more than he bargained for as sharks appeared to converge on a young boy. 

The drone, launched by Artem Tkachenko, showed the child stepping into the water, completely unaware that a school of sharks were swimming toward him. 

Five of the sharks appeared to be surrounding the youngster when Tkachenko began screaming at the boy to run. 

“Thank God he heard me,” Tkachenko said.

The boy swam away as fast as he could from the beasts, and was unharmed. 

Thanks to an eye in the sky, a potentially serious situation was avoided.