Another Hot Dad Ignites the Internet, Some Women Want to Send Him Money

Ebon Metoyer had no idea his daughter Ebony tweeted a video of him during a photoshoot.

Ebon Metoyer’s very first photo shoot was on his 43rd birthday, which happens to be on April Fool's Day.

But this was no joke — you might even say it was a gift to us all.

"A photographer contacted me and said that he wanted to do a photo shoot with me, and he was coming down from California to New Orleans. So I was like, I've never done a photo shoot before," Metoyer told "My daughter's always doing photo shoots. This'll be an experience and I can invite my kids to come with me so they came.

"I was really nervous but he made feel comfortable," he added. "It was quite an experience. The outfits was an experience for him to. I didn't know what I was wearing until I got there. And some of the stuff didn't even fit."

The next day, Metoyer’s daughter Ebony opened a can of worms when she put the video up on Twitter — unbeknownst to Ebon.

"When I was at work, I clicked on the app and it was just like, it had the 'K' next to it [signifying more than 1,000 people liked the video]  and I was like, 'Oh my gosh.' That's crazy. And he didn't know about it. He contacted me," Ebony said.

"Somebody contacted me. I left the gym and I came home and I think the photographer was like, 'Hey man, you're going viral.' And I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ Next thing you know, it blew up."

People have been commenting on the Louisiana native’s pictures and videos, saying things like, "That’s our 'zaddy' now" and "Oh you're just gonna wear the gray sweatsuit, huh?”

"I got a lot of messages and DMs too, asking for what's his Cash App and everything. Yes, they wanted to send him money,” Ebony said with a laugh.

"The craziest thing someone once messaged me is that they saw a car in my future. That they saw a car in my future and a 401(k) if I would hook them up with my dad,” she continued.

“This is news to me," Ebon stated.

Ebony has been filtering through all the googly-eyed direct messages.

"It's a lot of pretty ones, you know, I have to see. We need to do a couple interviews I guess. We've even had a couple celebrities. We've had Christina Milian I believe, and another internet personality contact me," said Ebony.

All of the attention comes with a small price.

"I see people taking pictures of me when I'm in the gym. On the slick. You know, just trying to do it secretly," Ebon said.

The tattoo artist said all the attention has even impacted his career.

"Actually I can't even get to my business. It's hard to filter through the people that want ink and the people who are trying to get with me. So that's why I made a separate page specifically for just me.”

None of it seems like it's going to his head.

"No, I haven't taken anything serious. But I'm really, like, focused on my work. Tattooing and building my image up."

No matter the decade — '70s, '80s, or '90s — it's pretty safe to say this family's beauty is timeless.

In sum, Metoyer is single. He has three other brothers, including a fraternal twin.

If your intention is to slide in to Ebon's DMs, he asks that you use his personal Instagram handle, @EbonMetoyer. He is @Escobars_ink on Twitter. Ebony can be found @EbonytheArtist on Instagram and YouTube.