Anteater Cools Off With a Bubble Bath at the Phoenix Zoo

Something you don't see every day.

Now here's something you don't see every day: an anteater climbing into a bubble bath.

Strange but adorable footage of the critter going headlong with its long head into the frothy tub was posted to Facebook by the Phoenix Zoo on Saturday.

In the post, the giant anteater is identified as on named Beaker and the zoo wants viewers to know the bubbles won't do him any harm.

They were made with baby bubble bath, which the zoo explains is "completely safe for animals."

The zoo says the bath is at once relaxing and a chance for Beaker to learn and grow.

"The bubbles also offer key behavioral enrichment components for Beaker in the form of new textures and smells," reads the post. 

Most importantly, Beaker just loved it.

"Beaker usually takes a cooling dip in his pool each afternoon for about a minute or so," the zoo writes. "But he loved the bubbles so much he stayed in the bath for over 10 minutes!"