Stuffed Animal Keeps Preemie Penguin Company at London Zoo

Rainbow was born prematurely at the London Zoo.

A premature penguin has been given a stuffed grown-up version of itself to cuddle up to while recovering.

Rainbow, as she is now known, was born prematurely after zookeepers at the London Zoo saw that her egg had accidentally been broken. She was rushed to a vet clinic for all-hands-on-deck care.

There, experts used tweezers to remove bits of eggshell and she was gently placed in a makeshift nest inside an incubation room. 

She's spent the time since cozying up to her stuffed animal, growing stronger each day. 

One-month-old Rainbow is expected to stay in the incubation room until she's 10 weeks old. Then, she'll head off to a special zoo nursery for swimming lessons and will eventually be introduced to the 80 other penguins at the facility.

"We were overjoyed when she started begging for food by opening her mouth wide and making tiny squawks," penguin keeper Suzi Hyde said. "It was the first sign that she might just make it."