Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists Include Dancing Kangaroo and Church-Going Penguins

It was quite a lineup of hilarious animal photos this year.

The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been handed out and here are some of the images that have been dubbed the funniest animal pictures of the year.

One photo appears to show a bird carrying a jet pack. In another, an obnoxious sea turtle looks as if it is pushing others out of the way. 

A photo of penguins marching makes it look as if they are heading off to church. 

An image of monkeys acting as bike thieves makes it appear as though they took off on a joyride in Indonesia. 

A giraffe appears to think that a small plane is going to make a tasty treat as it ponders having it as a snack. 

Another picture has a kangaroo dancing around as if it was showing off on the ballroom floor. 

The winning photo was of a flock of owls canoodling on a tree branch, but three's a crowd as another bird of prey was seen under them, hanging on for dear life.