Dog Found Covered in Latex Paint: 'Who Does These Things to Animals?'

Dog Found Covered in Latex Paint
Sherrill is in extreme discomfort, her rescuers say. FIDO's Companion Rescue Inc.

The dog was trying to chew off the paint covering its fur.

A poor dog covered in latex paint is undergoing a painstaking procedure to remove the toxic substance.

A rescue organization in Akron, Ohio, sedated the pup named Sherrill so staff could shave her coat down to the skin. There was no other way to remove the thick, dried-up paint.

“Shaving was the only option to pull the paint off of her,” reads a post on FIDO’s Companion Rescue Inc. “This leaves her sore, red and raw. It took a team of people working for a solid hour to remove the paint on just ONE side.”

The animal was so miserable she had been ripping out her fur trying to get rid of the paint that reached to her eyeballs.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all,” the post says. “Who DOES these things to animals?”

"I think someone purposely put paint on her," veterinarian Nicole Plantner told The dog is about a year old and weighs 30 pounds, she said.

She's definitely on the mend.

"She's eating and drinking and wagging her tail," Plantner said. "She's doing better."

It will take about two to three months for her fur to grow back, the vet said.

Sherrill had been picked up as a stray by Cleveland animal control officers.

When she recovers from her first round of paint removal, rescue workers will start on her other side.

Donations for Sherrill’s treatment can be made by visiting