Baby Penguin Seen Splashing Around Before Its Waterproof Plumage Grows In

A newly hatched Gentoo penguin still has its fluffy down, which helps keep it warm.

This fluffy penguin chick can’t quite swim yet, but pretty soon, it will be a pro.

A newly hatched Gentoo penguin could be seen in its keeper's arms while getting acclimated to the water in a video posted to Facebook by the Milwaukee County Zoo.

In fact, the unnamed chick is not yet ready to learn how to swim. It is still covered in down, which helps it stay warm, and will grow into its waterproof plumage as it gets older.

The baby penguin was hatched to parents Oscar and Fiona just before Christmas, and keepers have not yet determined its gender.

The chick will remain behind the scenes at the zoo until its waterproof plumage grows in.