These Zoo Penguins Are Clearly Not Enjoying Canada's Cold Winter

The Calgary Zoo
The Calgary Zoo

They naturally want to go inside when the temperature drops this low.

Humans aren't the only ones put off by the freezing temperatures lately. Penguins at a Canada zoo aren’t into it either.

The Calgary Zoo in Alberta had to bring its penguins inside after the weather dropped to -25 degrees below zero Celsius.

The zoo’s 51 Gentoo penguins, Humboldt penguins, king penguins and rockhopper penguins, are usually brought in at some point every year.

“The keepers are able to call the penguins in and they have an instinct to want to be indoors when it gets that cold as well. We do this every winter when the temperature plummets to where it was a few days ago,” a zoo official told “They are cold weather birds, but the temperatures were colder than they prefer.”

Zoo officials said that while penguins in the wild would be able to brave the cold, those in captivity may not fare as well.

Penguins naturally have a layer of insulating fat to protect against extreme temperatures.

“We had them back outside yesterday and today and they were happy to be out again in the outdoor habitat,” the official said. 

Visitors are still able to view the flightless birds indoors.