Apple AirTag Tracking Device Was Slipped Into Model's Coat at Bar Without Her Knowing

The same Apple device that can help you find your stuff, can be used by a stalker to find you.

It’s estimated that roughly 7.5 million people, mostly women, are the victims of stalking every year. And there's a new way for stalkers to track them.

The same Apple device that can help you find your stuff, can be used by a stalker to find you.

Model Brooks Nader, 25, told Inside Edition it happened to her, and now she has a warning for others. She says someone must have slipped the AirTag into her coat while she was out with friends at a restaurant and bar in New York City

“It was the scariest, scariest moment ever,” Nader said.

The device can be attached to almost anything and can be used to locate missing items, such as keys or a wallet. Using an app, you can see where the AirTag is at all times.  

But creeps are now using them to track unsuspecting people

“I had no idea that these existed until it happened to me,” Nader said.

“Once I was already on my walk home, I got the notification, someone is tracking you and has been for awhile, so I freaked out obviously,” Nader said.

The notification said: “Unknown accessory detected. This item has been moving with you for a while. The owner can see its location.”

Other women have also found themselves tormented by the device.

One woman recently went viral after posting a video of her searching her car for an AirTag after being notified she was being tracked.

Former "Bachelor" star Colton Underwood was accused by his ex-girlfriend Cassie Rudolph of using a similar device to track her after they broke up.

“Check your belongings, check your surroundings,” Nader said.

While people with Apple phones will get an alert that they are being tracked, it doesn't happen for Android users. Apple has released an app called Track Detector to allow everyone to get such notifications. 

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