Woman Stalked for Years by Former Classmate Speaks Out: ‘The Law Is Not in Favor of Victims’

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Maddy Muhlsteff is living a never-ending nightmare. For four years straight years, she has been stalked by Logan Ursini, a former high school classmate who has paced outside her door in North Carolina, muttering nonsense captured by a doorbell camera.

“He paced around my front porch, screaming into our Nest camera that he was going to find me and that he wasn’t going to stop coming,” Muhlsteff told Inside Edition.

Mulhsteff said the first time it happened, she was sleeping when she heard a knock at the door.

“He just showed up, said, 'Let’s talk,' and I sent him away a little confused,” Muhlsteff said. “And then it kind of really just escalated from there.”

Two weeks later on Christmas morning, Muhlsteff and her family woke up to a disturbing shrine on the front porch, which included a bible opened to a passage about Mary Magdalene.

“He believes that he is Jesus, and I’m Mary Magdalene, and that we are meant to be together,” Muhlsteff said.

“It was absolutely terrifying,” she continued.

Four years later, Ursini keeps coming back despite several arrests and convictions for stalking Muhlsteff, now 24. Every year, Muhlsteff has to face him down in court as she renews a restraining order against him.

“You’re 10 feet away from somebody who scares you, and every time that I have to get up on the stand and testify, I have to tell him that I’m still scared of him. Which honestly makes me feel weak that I have to do that. And he blows kisses at me and winks at me,” Muhlsteff said.

She told Inside Edition the ordeal prompted her to speak out for other stalking victims.

“I really just feel like the laws are not in favor of victims. I have met so many people along the years that have told me that they’ve been in similar situations. And every single person told me that I needed to learn how to protect myself because the laws weren’t going to protect me, and I find that extremely unacceptable.”


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