Are Teens Growing Horns Because of Cellphones?

New research suggests that young people are developing bone spurs on the backs of their heads due to hunching over their phones.

Are young people growing horns because of cellphones?

New research suggests that hunching over your phone could produce horn-like growths on the back of the skull, just above the neck.

"If you keep your neck really bent forward for an extended period of time, then you end up stretching some of the ligaments in the back," New York spine surgeon Dr. Saad Chaudhary told Inside Edition. "... In the long run, you're going to hurt your discs and your neck muscles, causing long-term neck issues."

It's been known for many years that cellphone use can cause poor posture, and neck and back pain and headaches. 

But the growth of horns? That's something new, according to researchers in Australia. 

Chaudhary showed Inside Edition some simple exercises you can do to help avoid the growths. 

Also, he recommended keeping your phone at eye level. 

"I think this will go a long way in preventing those horns," he said.