Is Your Cellphone Giving You a Bad Case of ‘Tech Neck?’

One chiropractor has a simple solution that can help.

As mobile devices tend to rule our daily lives, most people are so often hunched over their cellphones that they have become the victims of a new malady known as "tech neck."

Most people look down at their cellphones, but what many don't realize is that the human head weighs as much as 10 pounds — and in the tilted position, your cranium can feel like 40 pounds, putting tremendous strain on the upper neck and lower back.  

New Jersey chiropractor Brian Wallace says he's been seeing numerous patients with unbearable neck pain. 

He told Inside Edition the biggest culprit of “tech neck” is the cellphone and the affliction is affecting kids "at a younger and younger age."

One of his young patients is 27-year-old Brandon Brigg, who spends eight hours a day hunched over his computer for work. 

An X-ray of Brigg’s neck revealed a textbook case of "tech neck." 

During the X-ray, Wallace showed Brigg what a normal neck looks like, with a forward arching curve. 

But Brigg’s neck did not have an arch, which is causing him pain.  

He was given a simple exercise to do at home that involves putting his hands behind his head, and opening his elbows as wide as he can while looking up at the ceiling. 

Wallace adds that proper posture is the key to a healthy neck and back. 

When looking at your phone, have your shoulders back, your head up and elbows tucked in while keeping your hands up at eye level.