Are These the World's Oldest Living People? Pair of 118 Year Olds in Bolivia Might Hold Record

They were both born in 1900.

A Bolivian man and woman, who are both 118 years old, may be the oldest living people in the world.

Zenon Villca Flores was reportedly born on Aug. 21, 1900, perhaps making him the oldest man to have ever lived.

Jiroemon Kimura is listed on the Guinness World Records website as the oldest male ever to have lived at 116 years and 54 days, and Guinness lists the oldest living male as Masazo Nonaka of Japan who is currently 112 years.

Flores said he grew up eating whatever he could find, including rabbits, frogs and quinoa, which is often considered a superfood.

He is cared for by his daughter. 

Meanwhile, Villca's compatriot, Julia Flores Colque, celebrated her 118th birthday last Friday. She was also reportedly born in 1900.

The local paper, Los Tiempos, reported that the town ratified her age to nominate her for the Guinness record for oldest living woman.

But Colque has four more years to go if she wants to break the record for oldest female ever.

According to Guinness, Jeanne Louise Calment of France lived to 122 years and 164 days before her death in 1997.