Arizona Woman Finds Severed Finger Next to Slashed Tires

Francesca Wikoff is a former volunteer firefighter and EMT, so she wasn't too phased by the bloody appendage.

Francesca Wikoff recently woke up to a strange scene in her driveway. The tires of her vehicle were slashed and there was also a severed finger lying next to one of the tires. “I literally have been laughing all day because if I don't, I might cry," Francesca said.

The Arizona woman said she got into an argument with her neighbor the day before, and she believes that he cut off his finger while vandalizing her car. She says that there was a trail of blood going from her driveway to his house.

Francesca thinks that they may know when the incident might have occurred. “We assume it happened at 10:30 last night because the neighbor that lives next to him heard a loud scream and then a car speeding off.”

Luckily, Francesca is a former volunteer firefighter and EMT, so she wasn’t too grossed out by the sight of the digit. She even has a sense of humor about it. “It's pretty comical that you would think that if you would go to the hospital when you severed your finger off, that you would take said finger with you," she said.

Police are investigating the incident, and no one has been arrested or charged with any crime. But whoever is responsible seems to be already paying the price for their actions.  “I don't find joy in it,” Francesca points out. “But it's... karma has a good way of working itself out."

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