Arkansas High School Football Game Turns Chaotic Amid False Report of Gunshots

The incident stemmed from a fight in the stadium concourse, according to police.

Pandemonium broke out at an Arkansas high school football game Sunday as fans ran for their lives following what they believed was gunfire. 

More than 38,000 people had packed the War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock for the Salt Bowl. Police say the evacuation started in the third quarter when a fight broke out in the stadium’s concourse. 

“We received information that a stun gun was deployed," a police statement read. "At that point people attending the game thought they heard gunshots." 

Within seconds, fans desperately tried to flee the stadium. 

Social media lit up with videos of people running for cover after what they believed was an attack

No arrests were reported.

The game never resumed. Since the contest was more than halfway over, the team in the lead was declared the winner.

The Salt Bowl is an annual game which signals the beginning of the high school football season.