Gamer Who Opened Fire at Event, Killing 2, Identified as 24-Year-Old David Katz

He then took his own life, police said.

A 24-year-old gamer who opened fire at a Florida tournament, killing two and injuring 11 others, has been identified, authorities said.

David Katz of Baltimore, Maryland, was at the “Madden NFL 19” event on Sunday at GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville when he opened fire, killing Eli Clayton, 22, and Taylor Robertson, 27, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

Katz, who was allegedly angry after being eliminated, then turned the gun on himself, Fox News reported.

The sound of gunfire could be heard during a livestream of the gaming event before it was abruptly cut off.

Nine of the injured suffered gunshot wounds while the remaining two were hurt while trying to flee. 

Gamer Derek Jones of Santa Fe, New Mexico, said he was in a fenced-in patio at the event when he heard the sound of gunshots ring out.

The 26-year-old told APTN that he jumped the fence and ran for his life.

Jones also said he didn’t notice any security at the establishment during the tournament, a problem he’s seen at other gaming events in the past.

"I've been telling them this, like, I've been telling them this for a while that we need, you know, you need to make players feel safe,” Jones said. 

He said he was once at a tournament where another gamer was screaming in his face and there was no security to intervene.

“I had to like push him and like tell him, 'Dude, like get out of my face.' You know?” Jones said. “It's like, that's not my job. You know that's, in my opinion, that's the dudes who are running the tournaments, that's their title especially if they're trying to promote us as, like, as a big Esport."