Army Members and Villagers Lack Tools to Battle Deadly Wildfires Currently Ablaze in Northern Algeria

So far, the flames have claimed at least 65 people, including 28 members of the military.

Massive wildfires have scorched the North African nation of Algeria, and everyone from villagers to army members has been battling the blazes.

The flames have claimed the lives of at least 65 people, including 28 members of the military.

“We are watching the fire to try to prevent it from spreading further, but it seems to be impossible, and now it reached our zone,” Algerian local Hakim said. “All olive trees are burning. May God protect us, because it’s near the village.”

Some of the hard-hit regions in the country seemed ill-equipped to fight the fires.

“We don’t have tools. We are trying with what we have to put it out,” another villager added. “It will be hard with the wind. We will try with what we have. We can’t do anything else, only try to protect the houses. May God be with us.” 

A severe heatwave made conditions ideal for the fires, and scientists say human-caused climate change is a contributing factor.

Algeria’s president has declared three days of national mourning and a pause in non-fire-related government activities.

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