Artificial Intelligence Makes Its Way Into Songwriting With a Song About Milwaukee

A news station in Milwaukee asked ChatGPT to write them a few songs.

Could ChatGPT be up for a Grammy in the future? A Wisconsin News channel put artificial intelligence to the test when they requested an original song.

WDJT, a news station in Milwaukee, asked ChatGPT to write them a few songs about their city. They then brought in a local rock group and blues singer to bring the song to life and see if it was any good.

The local musicians noted that the number of chords was “nuts” but that it sounded like what a jingle for Milwaukee would sound like.

"In Milwaukee town people gather round, to sing of the city where the Brewers abound," the song went. "From the shores of the lake, to the downtown streets, Milwaukee is the place where the music beats."

Blues singer Stephen Hull agreed that the song had a certain spirit to it but “you can tell it was written by someone who doesn't have a background in songwriting, or something.”

The musicians did agree that the song may work for commercial jingles, just not one that would evoke emotions. 

"I think that AI has a lot of practical applications in the world we live in, but I just think that the best songs come from the heart. For me, that's what it is," Apex Aura band member Peter Mueller said.

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