Artist Who Received Man's Heart Paints His Portrait for His Grieving Parents

Rob Maresca, who died after falling off a ladder, was also a talented artist.

To thank the grieving parents of the man who gave her life, artist Elisabeth Kepley painted his portrait.

Rob Maresca was only 30 when he hit his head in a workplace fall and later died. His mother and father donated his organs, and his heart saved Kepley's life.

"Either I got a new heart or I was going to die," she said. 

The New York woman decided to paint the young man's face and give it to his parents as a tribute. 

At Westchester Medical Center, where the transplant surgery was carried out, Kepley unveiled Rob's portrait for his emotional family.

Bob Maresca wept looking at his son's face. "Oh wow," he said. "Very nice. That's my son."

Rob dabbled in artwork as well, and his parents gave his art supplies to Kepley, which she used in his portrait.

"There are no words that can describe my thankfulness," she said.