As '48 Hours' Examines Roy Den Hollander, Judge Whose Son He Killed Says He Also Had Sites on Sonia Sotomayor

Roy Den Hollander
Roy Den Hollander

In a new 48 Hours series titled, "The Deliveryman Murders," airing this weekend correspondent Tracy Smith investigates two crimes linked to one killer –– an established attorney Roy Den Hollander.

In "The Deliveryman Murders," a new "48 Hours" episode airing this weekend, correspondent Tracy Smith investigates two crimes linked to one killer –– Roy Den Hollander, an established attorney seeking revenge.

It all started when Marc Angelucci, a lawyer living in California, was killed at his doorstep by a delivery man looking to have him sign for a package. Angelucci was shot three or four times last July.

"I didn't want to jump to conclusions that this was planned, because it was Mark. Everyone loved Mark," a friend told "48 Hours".

Eight days after his death, another murder took place about 2,500 miles away in New Jersey to the home of a Federal Judge Esther Salas. Her son answered the door to a man disguised as a FedEx delivery worker, but wound up shot and killed in a crime that was eerily similar to Angelucci's. 

Then investigators found a third case just 150 miles north in the Catskill mountains. New York State troopers found Roy Den Hollander, 72, dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head, CBS News reported.

Investigators were able to later link the murders, despite them happening across coasts, with the help of clues, including a cross-country train trip, and a note with Salas' and Marc Angelucci's address, found in Hollander's car.

It was later learned that Hollander, a self-proclaimed anti-feminist, had a vendetta against both victims: Angelucci was an attorney representing male discrimination cases and Salas was, according to Hollander, a "lazy and incompetent Latina judge," according to reports.

Separately, Salas told "60 Minutes" that investigators also found that Hollander had in a locker a dossier on Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor. "Who knows what could have happened? But we need to understand that judges are at risk," she said.

"48 Hours" will also explore the spiteful past of the killer and his misogynistic tendencies. As a young boy, Hollander reportedly forcibly kissed girls in his third-grade class and hated his mother, writing "may she burn in hell."

"The Deliveryman Murders" airs Saturday, Feb. 20 at 10/9 central on CBS.