As Shark Sightings Leave Beach-Goers Concerned, Ways to Stay Safe This Summer

Warmer ocean waters tend to attract sharks in search of food.

Sharks have been spotted off the coasts of several states, much to the dismay of beach goers looking forward to taking advantage of the warm weather.  

A 10-foot Mako shark was spotted thrashing about in the surf on Jones Beach in New York, where thousands beat the heat every weekend.  

Jim Piazza was fishing off the Jersey Shore when he spotted a massive 12-foot great white shark.  

“When it was next to the boat, it was very shocking, because it was that big,” he told Inside Edition. “I could tell right away it was a great white.”  

The sighting, which occurred about a mile from shore, is not all that unusual this time of year. Warmer ocean waters tend to bring sharks closer to shore and along the coast as they search for food. 

Because of this, swimmers are warned to stay close to shore 

Kristen Kibblehouse of the Atlantic White Shark Conservatory told Inside Edition that off Cape Cod, it’s recommended that swimmers go no further than their waists when entering the ocean. 

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