As Ukrainians in the US Drive Support to Those at Home, 11 Ways Anyone Can Help the People of Ukraine

Red Cross volunteers helping with the humanitarian crisis.
Red Cross

The grim uncertainty of war continues as Vladimir Putin has ramped up assaults on key cities, with many Ukrainians fearful of what is to come. But there are organizations on the ground working to help the people of Ukraine.

Thursday marks one week since Russia’s unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine. More than 2,000 civilians have been killed so far, according to Ukraine’s State Emergency Service. And, more than 800,000 refugees have fled their homes, according to the United Nations.

The grim uncertainty of war continues as Vladimir Putin has ramped up assaults on key cities, with many Ukrainians fearful of what is to come.

Organizations in the U.S. and abroad are doing their part to help with the humanitarian crisis the country is in.

Natalie Michaels, who was born in Kishinev, Moldova, and now lives on Long Island, still has many friends in Ukraine. She donated as soon as the invasion occurred to United Help Ukraine, a non-profit that helps support refugees.

"My friend's brother lives in Boryspil," Michaels told Inside Edition Digital. "When the Russians were bombing the international airport the first night, the rocket struck his house destroying it and killing their dog. The family was hiding in the basement and survived. It's a lot of horrors."

"I am trying to help with what I can," she continued. "It's a horrific time. My friend’s brother who owns a hotel in Kishinev opened it for refugees. Everyone is trying to do what we can."

Elena Ivy lives in Florida, but is from Ukraine. Unable to do much to directly help her family still in her home country, Ivy has been spending her time and using her resources as a business owner to drive support to the channels providing to those in need. She has used social media and reached out to anyone who will listen to share information on what can be done to help her people back home.

"As my fellow Ukrainian people are fighting in Ukraine, I am doing my small contribution in trying to reach out to media outlets and to Russian and Ukrainian celebrities whose voice can have an impact," she said. "I see my mission in bringing the truth to the Russian people. Only they can stop this war."

Organizations listed below are also doing all they can to help the Ukrainian people. 

World Central Kitchen 

The organization has been serving thousands of fresh meals to Ukrainian families fleeing their homes and those who are remaining in the country. 

The organization started serving hot meals at a 24-hour pedestrian border crossing in southern Poland on day one of the Russian invasion. They have expanded their efforts into other areas including Poland, Romania, and Moldova.

The World Central Kitchen is also partnering with restaurants inside of Ukraine to get hot meals to anyone in need.

“There are many ways to fight. Some people fight making sure people are fed and those are ways we are going to support them,” Chef Jose Andres tweeted.

Donations to World Central Kitchen will be used to support their emergency food relief effort. 

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The non-profit charity organization supports the world’s children through fundraising, advocacy and education in the United States. Their goal is to save and protect the world’s most vulnerable children. 

The organization is stepping up its emergency efforts by providing critical supplies, access to safe water, child protection and more. 

“Escalating conflict in Ukraine is putting millions of children and their families in immediate danger,” UNICEF USA said in a statement. “UNICEF has been working to keep children safe since this conflict began eight years ago.

“Children are the least responsible for armed conflict in Ukraine, but they suffer most from its consequences,” they continued.

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Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

The international medical humanitarian organization, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), has medical projects in more than 70 countries around the world. The organization offers medical aid where it is needed most, and travel where many organizations can’t or won’t, the company said on its website. 

“MSF’s teams in Ukraine are deeply worried about the consequences of the conflict for Ukrainian people and communities. As hostilities continue, ensuring people’s access to health care and medicines will be critical,” the organization said in a statement. “Our teams are looking into how they can adapt MSF's activities to respond. The situation is evolving rapidly, so we are mobilizing an emergency preparedness response to be ready for a variety of potential needs.”

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Voices of Children 

The organization is based in Ukraine and provides psychological and psychosocial support to children that are affected by the armed conflict, according to its website. 

Through the organization, children can learn to deal with their trauma through art therapy and video storytelling. The organization also has mobile psychologists to help child and their families. 

“Today, during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we are providing non-stop assistance to affected children and families from all over the country, providing emergency psychological assistance, and assisting in the evacuation process,” the foundation wrote on their site.

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The nonprofit organization is providing airlift of emergency supplies and relief workers for more than 130 aid organizations responding to disasters and other humanitarian crises. The organization works with airlines, logistic partners and donors to provide necessities such as medical care, food, shelter and access to clean water.

“Supporting Airlink ensures people and communities in need receive exactly the right type of help quickly,” the organization said on its website.

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International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

The ICRC's mission is to protect the lives of people affected by conflict and armed violence and promote the laws that protect victims of war. With headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, they employ some 16,000 people in more than 80 countries.

As fighting intensifies in and around Ukraine, the global Red Cross network is helping families impacted by conflict and the American Red Cross is providing aid to service members and others who are deployed to the region, a Red Cross spokesperson told Inside Edition Digital.

In Ukraine, the ICRC is working alongside its partners in the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. In a recent statement, the ICRC called on both sides to spare critical civilian infrastructure in eastern Ukraine, as well as called for respect of international humanitarian law.  

”We are very concerned about the developments in eastern Ukraine over the past few days. Civilian infrastructure providing essential services, and civilian personnel who operate, maintain, and repair that infrastructure are protected under International Humanitarian Law," said Florence Gillette, the ICRC's head of delegation in Ukraine.

"We remind all sides that, in the conduct of military operations, constant care must be taken to spare the civilian population, civilians, and civilian objects," she continued. "The ICRC calls on all the sides to spare infrastructure that is essential for the survival of the population and to respect principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution."

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American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Inc.

The JDC is the leading global Jewish humanitarian organization. They work in more than 70 countries helping to assist Jews who are in danger and provide aid to those that are vulnerable. 

JDC has set up emergency hotlines to help Ukrainian Jews with emergency needs, including food, medicine, physical assistance and rescue, as well as personal connection and emotional support, as the situation in Ukraine continues. 

The organization is also activating hotlines that were created during the pandemic in Ukraine, and has launched new hotlines in Moldova and Israel that are staffed by Russian-speaking volunteers. The volunteers field calls from Ukraine and have been working to deliver remote care and maintain a human connection with those we serve.

"During these crazy events that are happening around us, we are united and we are trying to stay together and help each other as much as we can,” the organization said in a statement. 

"In Kyiv, and throughout Ukraine, in the face of air raid sirens, curfews, and uncertain days ahead, our homecare workers and volunteers continue to try and help however they can."

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Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services is the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. Although their mission is rooted in the Catholic faith, they serve people based solely on need, regardless of their race, religion, or ethnicity.

The organization was founded in 1943 by the Catholic Bishops of the United States to serve World War II survivors in Europe. They have expanded in size to reach more than 100 million people in 101 countries on five continents.

The organization has been deploying staff and resources to support local Caritas partners in Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and Poland to address the growing needs. 

“We ask for your solidarity, prayers, and support to help us respond to the needs on the ground,” Tetiana Stawnychy, president of Caritas Ukraine, said in a video message asking for support of the work of Caritas Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Sean Callahan, president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, said in a statement: “The scale of the suffering is devastating. It’s easy to forget that there are human faces behind the staggering headlines. As we pray for peace, we must continue to do everything possible to support the survival and dignity of Ukrainian families,” he said. 

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Global Empowerment Mission 

The non-profit organization provides grassroots efforts with a large institutional impact for the most vulnerable populations affected by natural disasters around the world. Over the last decade, the organization has assisted in over 200 various aid relief trips around the world.

The organization that was founded by director Michael Capponi has been sending palettes of supplies for families who are displaced. Supplies sent include food, hygiene supplies, blankets, sleeping bags and tents. 

They have relocation teams and are connected to churches that are taking in large teams of people. One church, for example, has 80 families, he said. 

On Wednesday, they announced that they are partnering with Bethenny Frankel's #BStrong initiative, which has committed to an initial $2 million to be allocated towards travel for refugees.

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United Help Ukraine 

United Help Ukraine, Inc. is a charitable organization receiving and distributing donations, food and medical supplies to Ukrainian IDPs, the people of Ukraine affected by Russia’s invasion into Eastern Ukraine, and the annexation of Crimea.

“Team UHU wants to THANK everyone who donated so far - we just crossed $2,500,000 mark!!!!! This is A LOT - but not enough,” the UHU said in a statement. “The situation is quickly developing, there is a great need for first aid medical supplies and humanitarian aid. As the situation unfolds, we will begin providing humanitarian aid for refugees. Team UHU is working hard to locate, purchase, and deliver much-needed supplies as soon as possible, given the current situation in Ukraine."

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Save the Children

The non-profit organization is a global leader in child health. Its mission is to ensure children are healthy and thriving. Their focus is also on educating children in conflict. 

Their Emergency Health Unit is able to help children in crisis anywhere in the world within 72 hours, the organization said.

The organization was the first devoted solely to serving children’s need and their rights. Eglantyne Jebb founded the Save the Children Fund in 1919 to end children’s suffering after she saw children dying of disease and starvation after World War I. 

Today, the organization champions the rights of the world’s 2.3 billion children. 

“The conflict in #Ukraine has put children in danger of physical harm and severe emotional distress. The risk to their mental health and potential for long-term trauma cannot be underestimated. Enough is enough. Every child must be protected from this crisis,” the organization said in a statement. “By donating today, you are helping us provide food, water, cash transfers, and safe places for children as they flee the conflict amid freezing temperatures and brutal conditions.

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