As US Faces Real and Artificial Christmas Tree Shortage, How to Make Your Fresh Tree Last Longer

Christmas tree sellers are experiencing a shortage of the big, beautiful firs for a range of environmental and economic reasons, including supply chain issues.

Dreaming of a big, beautiful Christmas tree? You may want to plan on getting it early.

“There’s a lot of problems, both economical and environmental,” Jack Sangillo told Inside Edition. 

Sangillo owns the Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm in Manalapan, New Jersey, where families come to cut down their own tree in a cherished holiday tradition. But this year, like at many farms across the nation, Sangillo has fewer trees to sell. 

They grow their own trees but also import them from Canada.

“We were paying about $2,000 last year to get a load of trees in from Canada and this year we’re paying $4,000,” he explained. 

As a result, consumers should expect to pay higher prices for their trees. 

Artificial trees are also in shorter supply. Most come from China and are currently held up in the supply chain. 

This year, Christmas tree sellers say to buy your tree early. 

While that may be fine for an artificial tree, if you buy a real tree, you run the risk of it being dead by Christmas. So how can you make it last longer?

If possible, experts suggest leaving the tree outside in a bucket of water until you’re within a smaller window of Christmas before putting it up and decorating it. 

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