Atlanta Man Pulled From Burning Car by Officers After Suffering Seizure and Crashing

The entire rescue was caught on tape.

Police Officers from the Atlanta Police Department are heroes after helping a man get out of a burning car. The driver had a seizure behind the wheel and crashed dangerously close to a highly flammable gas pump. And the rescue was caught on tape.

The task wasn’t easy, however, as it was difficult to open the car door. Sergeant Dekonti Davis explains, “We had a little trouble finding the door locks on these newer model vehicles.” Sergeant Jake Sutton adds, “We had to do everything we could to get to him as the smoke and fire that was building in the engine area.”

“How do you open these damn doors?” you can hear one officer say on film. And while it may have felt like forever, it took a matter of minutes for officers to pry the passenger side door open and pull the man out.

Dekonti Davis states, “It’s one of those things where you don’t even think about it. You automatically resort to your training.” And their training, along with quick thinking and teamwork, were the keys to saving a life.

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