Who Was Driving the SUV That Drove Over an Opening Daytona Beach Drawbridge? Police in Florida Want to Know

The video looks like something out of a “Duke of Hazzard” movie

Police are searching for the driver of the vehicle caught on camera jumping an open drawbridge in Florida earlier this week. An SUV was caught on tape smashing through a traffic arm. Afterward, the vehicle went aerial as it jumped the gap on the Main Street Bridge in Daytona Beach.

But it wasn’t just a small jump: All four tires left the ground, the vehicle got some hang time, then it landed on the other side. The driver then drove off into the sunrise.

Both sets of traffic arms had to be replaced, police said. The vehicle's windshield was also smashed in the incident, video shows.

No arrests have been made, but authorities are trying to track down the driver's car via their license plate.

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