Texas Family Pulled to Safety From Flipped Hummer by Good Samaritans

Robert and Nancy Lee came upon the wreck outside of Houston. Robert jumped into action along with other good Samaritans to rescue the family.

A Texas family and their Great Dane are safe after their Hummer flipped over outside Houston. The family says they were clipped by a truck, causing the vehicle to lose control. Once it flipped over, they were trapped inside.

Retired coastguardsman Robert Lee and his wife, Nancy, came upon the scene, capturing the dramatic rescue on their dashcam.

“I was expecting to see something really, really bad. I was kind of scared to look through the window,” Robert said.

He jumped into action, yanking the doors of the Hummer open as other good Samaritans joined in. Robert lifted the children to safety and handed them to other rescuers. The shaken mom appeared unhurt as she was lifted out of the Hummer and reunited with the kids. The family’s Great Dane, Luna, was also pulled from the vehicle.

Dad Jerret was the last to be pulled to safety. “I need to thank you in person, because you’re family now,” he told the Lees over Zoom.

All of the family members, including the Great Dane, are doing well.