Arizona Man Rescued by Police After Being Trapped in Burning Car

The two officers used quick thinking and were able to free the man from the vehicle. Afterward, they performed CPR to get him breathing and well again.

Two officers from the Phoenix Police Department are heroes after saving a 55-year-old crash victim from a burning car. Officers Rudy Castillo and Joel Kaminsky responded to the call and swiftly worked together to free the man from the vehicle.

Because windows were rolled up and doors were locked, they looked for blunt objects to break the window. "We knew what the objective was, and it was to extract that individual from a burning car," said officer Rudy Castillo.

Officer Joel Kaminsky added, "We tried to break the window. I sustained some injury on my hand trying to do that." Luckily, a person nearby gave them a fire extinguisher, and they were eventually able to pry the door open and get the man out.

Once out, the man's condition wasn't good, and officer Kaminsky performed CPR to get him breathing again. He said, "It was pretty exciting to see that it was working, and you could see signs of life coming back to him when initially when we had contact, there was no signs of life."

Although the officers are being praised, they insist that they were just doing their job. However, knowing they saved a life is still gratifying. "Very Rewarding Yes. Very Rewarding," said Officer Rudy Castillo.