NYC Parrot Rescued by Firefighters From Tree After Fleeing Elderly Owner’s Ladder-Climbing Attempt at Capture

The beloved pet is now home safe.

A crowd gathered on the Upper West Side to watch firefighters try and capture a runaway pet parrot one last time. “This is more entertainment than we've had during all of quarantine,” an onlooker said.

Earlier, the bird, named Dylan, had fled his owner on the way to the vet.

In the first rescue attempt, Dylan's elderly owner climbed a ladder to a ledge where the bird was perched and coaxed him onto his wrist. But when the crowd cheered, the noise spooked Dylan and he escaped once again to a nearby tree.

Someone called 911 and a firefighter managed to snarl the fugitive parrot with a net. Dylan made one final bid for freedom, but was grabbed by the feet.

The crowd didn't want to mess it up this time, Sarah Baicker told Inside Edition.

“We had been whispering among ourselves, ‘Don't applaud, don't cheer,’ because he had been spooked before,” she told Inside Edition.

Dylan was unharmed and is now home sweet home.