Big Rig Blocks Fleeing Vehicle in Dramatic End to 2-Hour Police Chase in Southern California

Ahmed Shabaan drove his big rig into the path of the fleeing vehicle. Cops then arrested the person-of-interest.

A two-hour police chase from San Diego to Los Angeles came to a dramatic end Tuesday when a quick-thinking truck driver turned his big rig into a roadblock. The move helped keep a person-of-interest in a murder case from getting away.

The chase began when police tried to arrest the man, before he took off in his pickup truck, hitting speeds of up to 90 mph. For two hours, news networks followed the wild pursuit.

Ahmed Shabaan knew the pursuit was coming in his direction and drove his tractor-trailer straight into the path of the fleeing vehicle. The big rig shuddered with the force of the impact.

The person-of-interest, who was identified as Michael Caleb Reed, was ordered to crawl to waiting cops. A passenger in the car also exited the vehicle. She was released without being charged.

“I put my truck in his way,” Shabaan told Inside Edition. “I didn’t think he would hit me. Any normal person would see a semi truck blocking his way and he should brake.”

Shabaan said he has been receiving thanks from fellow truck drivers for his brave actions.

Shabaan's wife has launched a GoFundMe to "help with the costs" of repairs to the truck or replacing it.