Atlanta News Anchor to Undergo Surgery for 2 Brain Tumors She Learned She Had After Nearly Fainting at Store

Jovita Moore is an Emmy winner who has been on the air for over 20 years.

Jovita Moore, an Emmy Award-winning news anchor in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced that she will undergo unexpected brain surgery. “I felt it was something I needed to share. I didn’t want to just disappear off the air for a couple of months,” she told the audience.

Moore shared with co-workers that she hadn’t been feeling well and felt like she was “in a fog.” She also almost passed out while grocery shopping with her son, which led her to get medical attention. “An MRI found 2 little masses on my brain, and so we had to then start having a conversation about what that was and what that meant,” she explains.

Moore has been on-air in Atlanta for 20-plus years and has the support of the community. Her neurosurgeon, Dr. Edjah Nduom, says that Moore’s healthy lifestyle and great attitude put her “in a good place to recover.”

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