Australia Will Invest $100 Million to Save Its Oceans

Australia Investing Millions to Save Its Oceans

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is determined to protect "blue carbon" ecosystems that play an integral role in absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

Australia will pay an additional $100 million towards ocean conservation to protect ecosystems that contain seagrass and mangroves, which live and grow along the shoreline.

As the world's only island continent, about 85 percent of the Australian population lives within 30 miles of the coast.

“The climate and the planet’s oceans are inextricably linked. This investment is a major contribution to domestic and international efforts to build healthier oceans and combat climate change,” said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a statement last week.

The investment will focus on what Morrison calls "blue carbon" ecosystems that play a key role in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere. A portion of the funds will also support Australian Marine Parks and expand the Indigenous Protected Areas.

Morrison added, “I am so proud to see Australia continue its leadership in oceans. This announcement keeps Australia at the forefront of global leadership in oceans and marine protection."

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