Australian Alpaca Breeder Dead After First Fatal Kangaroo Attack in Australia in Over 80 Years

Kangaroo hopping

77-year-old Peter Eades was killed by a kangaroo he raised since it was a baby.

An Australian man was killed by his pet kangaroo, the first fatal kangaroo attack in over 80 years in the country.

Peter Eades, 77, died after being attacked by a kangaroo that police say he had as a pet, reported Perth Now. 

According to the local news site, the man was reportedly found alive by a family member who called the police. Upon arrival, authorities were unable to get to the badly injured Eades due to the kangaroo blocking access, reports the news outlet. 

Police had to shoot the kangaroo in order to allow the ambulance through to provide medical care to Eades, Perth Now reported. Despite best efforts, Eades died due to his injuries on the scene, according to the outlet. 

In Australia it is illegal to own native fauna as pets unless you have proper permits, which at this time is unknown whether Eades had or not, NPR reported.

Eades was known for his work in alpaca breeding and being an all around lover of animals, according to ABC News. Nearby residents say Eades had raised the 3-year-old kangaroo since it was a baby, the outlet reported.

Eades owned a cemetery in which he buried his alpacas, he told ABC News in 2017. He wished to be buried there next to his favorite alpaca, Claudia, when he died, reported ABC News. 

Local police prepared a report and is awaiting the coroner's word for the official cause of death, according to NPR. This was the first fatal kangaroo attack in the country since 1936, reports the news outlet.

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