Australian Finds 10-Foot Diamond Python While Grocery Shopping at Woolworths

The snake was hanging out in the spice aisle when it was discovered. The shopper who found it, who happened to once volunteer for an animal rescue, believed it was a male most likely looking for a mate.

Imagine going to the supermarket to pick up groceries and stumbling upon a massive python? It happened to a shopper at a Woolworth’s supermarket in suburban Sydney, Australia.

They found a diamond python in the spice aisle that was 10-feet long.

Diamond pythons are also sometimes known as carpet pythons. They’re not venomous, and they’re not especially dangerous to humans. Even so, it's best not to get bitten by one.

Diamond pythons are ambush predators and prefer to eat lizards, birds and small mammals like possums. 

Fortunately for this snake, the woman who found it used to volunteer for a wildlife rescue organization. She reportedly went home and got her snake bag, as one does, and returned to the store to nab the python. 

Then it went back to the woods.

The rescuer suspected the snake was a male and out looking for a mate. 

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